Hexmag (Series 2) OD Green AR-15 30 Round Mag Magazine .223 5.56 300 AAC 458 SOCOM 50 Beowulf HX30-AR15S2-ODG


$ 9.95 


Hexmag 30 Round Magazine for AR-15's in 5.56x45 Nato, .223 Remington, 300 AAC Blackout, 458 SOCOM, or 50 Beowulf. (Series 2)

The new Series 2 light-weight high-durability magazine has a revised catch pocket with improved magazine stabilization providing greater retention under the most demanding environments. Additional changes were made to the feed lips and a new stripper clip guide was added to increase efficiency in charging the magazine.

Engineered for greater overall performance than current magazines in the market and produced from tough and intensely tested proprietary fiber-reinforced polymer, the new Series 2 magazines are available in black, olive drab, grey and flat dark earth (FDE) and function in all mil spec AR platforms and most that are not.


CAPACITY: 30 Rounds


  • Impact resistant, fiber-reinforced nylon polymer body
  • Raised hexagon pattern provides superior grip for secure handing
  • Anti-corrosion heat-treated, stainless steel spring (USGI spec)
  • Tool-free latchplate design is secure while making disaseembly fast and easy
  • HexID color identification system makes ammunition recognition simple
  • Lifetime Warranty