Century Arms RAK-1 Enhanced Single Stage Trigger Group AK47 Made in USA

Century Arms

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Century Arms RAK-1 enhanced trigger group for AK rifles. 100% American made single stage trigger group with machined release surfaces for a smooth and consistent trigger pull. A double hook trigger, the RAK-1 utilizes a relief-cutout the allows it to be installed in receivers designed for single hook triggers, additionally the top profile of the hammer has been optimized to eliminate bolt carrier hang up, and the disconnector has been designed to eliminate trigger slap for a reliable, and easy to use trigger that is far superior to most factory AK trigger groups. Heat treated and hardened, it has been endurance tested to 15,000 rounds. Includes hammer, trigger and disconnector which count as three U.S. 922r compliant parts. The RAK-1 Enhanced Trigger Group also includes a hammer spring, disconnector spring and a trigger sleeve which allows the trigger/disconnector to be pre-assembled before dropping into the rifle.